Southern Matters

Southern Matters

Mr. S, (North Florida)

Mr. S, who requested anonymity, has the kind of life many syrup makers dream of. When he steps from his back door, he can walk 50 m to his business, or he can walk 50 m in the opposite direction to his hobby farm. His cane operation is the center of his farm and is in partnership with his with his father-in-law, Mr. N. Although he produces quite a bit of syrup, he doesn't sell any. So far, he has a greater number of friends than jars of syrup, but this is self-fulfilling prophecy that the quality of his syrup ensures! As a happy recipient of his syrup, I can attest to that. . . .my special thanks to Mr. S for showing me around.


Slides 1 and 2, is a massive horse mill, a Blymyer No.4. Ken informs me that this will weigh about 1350 pounds. The figure beside the mill for size perspective is my daughter, Elizabeth.

Slide 3 is the inside of his syrup shed, which features a furniture-quality trough for straining in the background. His shed is attached to a cabin that is outfitted with a modern kitchen and a large dining table, where I hope to be sitting next November.


Slides 4 and 5 are back-up mills, a Chattanooga No.11 and a Chattanooga No.12, respectively. The Chattanooga No.11 is a light one-horse mill, which weighs 400 pounds and has a juice output rated at about 300 gallons per day (see Ken's Catalog pages).