Grade Calculator - Plant Biology Laboratory

Quiz #1 10% of Grade
Quiz #2 10% of Grade
Quiz #3 10% of Grade
Quiz #4 10% of Grade
GA Experiment 15% of Grade
Independent Experiment 10% of Grade
Water-use Efficiency Report 10% of Grade
Notebook 20% of Grade
Oral Presentation 5% of Grade
Number of Absences

Final Course Average  
Final Course Grade  
Use this calculator to predict your final grade. Begin the semester by entering 100 for each input. Update your prediction after you receive new grades.

This calculator uses the same algorithm that is used in the spreadsheet for grade assignments. A buffer for borderline grades has been built in.

After a grade is assigned, it will not be changed at the request of a student (except, of course, in case of an error). It would be unethical to alter the grading policy or course requirements for one student. Please do not ask.