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The drought of 2000 caused alligators to become backyard pestsHarbo's SMR bees for resistance to varroa mitesAvera Mill (left) & Tupelo Tree (right), Nashville, GASugar cane in North FloridaChickens--part of any homesteadRestored Golden No. 2 (New Model) sugar-cane millMy farm in Nashville, Georgia

Bill on Suwanee, 1973

Southern Matters
Southern Matters primarily showcases, promotes, and shares information about low-impact, small-scale agriculture and dooryard food production in the context of present and past Southern traditions and conditions. You are always welcome at Southern Matters. Content will be added from time to time, so visit again when you have a chance.

Altering farming practices through youth education ~1960Building a Homestead (1988) Bill, Will, Gary & PatrickOwari Satsuma; budwood for 100s of citrus can be obtained from the Florida Citrus ArboretumMuscadines and other fruit attract animals, including Buttley Minimus CurJujube--a widely adapted dooryard fruit that requires few inputsNedra's marzipan model of Bill's 1996 cabbage patchNothing more Southern than the magnolia

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