Titi, Spring Titi, Black Titi, Buckwheat Tree, Ironwood (Cliftonia monophylla (Lam.) Sarg.). Titi is abundant is wet acid locations in the Florida Panhandle and elsewhere. It may obtain tree stature, sometimes reaching more than 30 ft tall and more than 20 ft wide, but it is often more shrubby. Fruit from the previous year persist, providing easy identification, even when the attractive flowers form. Titi grows densely, forming a handsome understory.

Titi blooms in March-April in this area. Arnold indicates that a surplus of light amber, slightly bitter titi honey might be obtained. Lovell is effusive, indicating that it is a reliable honey plant that yields a large surplus, but agrees with Arnold that it has a "slightly bitter after-twang." Pellet cites another author who indicates that titi yields a surplus of red honey in extreme northwest Florida. I personally am not familiar with a red honey or a spring bitter honey produced locally, but my experience is not definitive.

Titi in Buck Bay



Titi tree in bloom (Berrien County, Georgia).

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