Buttonbush, Buttonball, Pond Dogwood, Buttonwood Shrub, Button Tree, Honey-balls, Globe-flowers. (Cephalanthus occidentalis L.) Generally a shrub less than 10 feet tall, buttonbush is found in low places where it tolerates wet feet for long periods. Buttonbush often takes on a tattered look because of shoot die-back; this plant is identified by the presence of globe-like clusters of flowers or fruit virtually at all times.

Although buttonbush does not occur in stands sufficient to produce a surplus in this area, it is a heavy nectar producer and surpluses have been reported from parts of Mississippi, Florida and Missouri. The honey is reported to be mild and light colored. Here, buttonbush blooms sporadically all summer, thus providing for hive maintenance.



Buttonbush in bloom (Lanier County, Georgia).

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