Bradley Store (Moccasin Gap, Florida)



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Bradley Store (Moccasin Gap, Florida)

Bradley Store is located between Tallahassee and Miccosukee, Florida. It is an old store, and it has stayed true to its roots. They make their own sausage and grind corn. In former times, they also made a great deal of cane syrup. They continue to make it as a demonstration at their annual Fun Day, but, the syrup sold under their name is made in Metcalf now.


Slides 1 and 2 above are two different views of a Columbus Improved No.13 cane mill, which is used for the Fun Day.


Slide 3 is a Golden No.3. As I understand it, this is the mill used for syrup production by Ed Bradley (who is deceased). This mill is mounted on a metal sled (note connections in foreground). The vertical drive and universal joint are visible under the mill. Slide 4 is a typical brick furnace and cast-iron kettle. Note the rim built in at the edge of the kettle. This rim is in addition to the usual rim, which is smaller and fits over the kettle at the flange.

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