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PRE 1900
File Identification:Outlaw-435 Date Scanned:mainly ephotos Source of Scanned Image: na
Original Source of Image:William H. Outlaw Jr. Digital Archiver:William H. Outlaw Jr. Image Restorer:
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Estimated Date of Original Image:various Basis for Date Estimate: Unreduced File Size(px):various
Location:see Subjects Background:various Activity:as stated
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Subjects:Almand, Lavinia W. b 1868
Avera, Harriet (nee Jones) b1829
Avera, William M. b1834
Bailey, Nellie (nee Boykin) b1918
Boykin, James b1818
Boykin, James H. b 1867
Boykin, John D. b1848
Boykin, Tobias b 1783
Boykin, William D. b 1846
Connell, James E. Jr. b1770
Connell, Justus (Justice) b~1816
Connell, Reubin W. b1845
Drake, Dorothy nee Rowan b1923
Drake, Robert G. b1923
Fisher, Donald B. b 1935
Fountain, Etheldred b 1785
Fountain, Francis (sic) nee Webb b 1824 (entered as joint marker with spouse William E.)
Fountain, Georgian b 1861
Fountain, James I. b 1819
Fountain, Mitchell N. b 1860
Fountain, Sabrina nee Chambers b 1832
Fountain, William E. b 1816
Gaskins, John A. b~1854
Gaskins, Marcus b 1875
Gay, Hubert W. b 1913
Gay, Vita M. b 1913
Gilliard, Louise b 1923
Griffin, James b 1813
Griffin, Solomon b 1837
Kiser, Homer, Jr. b 1926
Laird, Jim M. b 1874
Laird, Merle b 1910
Laird, Virginia (nee White) b 1876
Lewis, Mary ("Polly") nee Sutton b 1857
Lewis Stephen M. b 1854
Luke, Maggie nee Outlaw b 1869
Luke, Willie b 1867 (entered as joint marker with spouse Maggie)
May, Jerry b 1834
May, Winnie b 1838
Mosley, John H. b 1826
Mosley, William B. b 1755
Mullis, Mary nee Austin b 1802
Norton, Addie nee Ray b 1901
Norton, Alvah A. Sr. b 1894
Norton, Augustus M. b 1888
Norton, Eva K. b 1931
Norton, Eva L. b 1906
Norton, Georgia M. b 1891
Norton, Georgia T. b 1935
Norton, Hubert P. b 1898
Norton, Hoke S. b 1908
Norton, Ida L. b1897
Norton, Leila b 1871
Norton, Luther, b 1871
Norton, Margaret H. b 1911
Norton, Matthew M. b 1847
Norton, Nancy M. b 1853
Norton, Shannon b1970
Norton, Saint Elmo b 1892
Norton, Robert H. b 1943
Norton, Shirley nee Lane b 1903
Norton, T. Edmond b 1861
Norton, T. Matthew b 1891
Norton, Tobe N. Sr. b 1902
Norton, Tom M. b 1927
Outlaw (unnamed, s/o Joseph) b1925
Outlaw A. Christine (nee Watson) b1918
Outlaw, Della nee Sutton b1891
Outlaw, Ethel nee Rape b 1883
Outlaw, Jasper b. 1872
Outlaw, John W. b 1866
Outlaw, Lucious G. b1873
Outlaw, Mary F. nee Carroll b 1842
Outlaw, W.H., b 1912
Outlaw, W.H.H. b 1840
Paulk, Estil b 1905
Poole, Lucille nee Watson b 1920
Robinson, David M. b 1858
Robinson, L. Alice nee Alexander b 1881
Robinson, Malissa M. nee Bennett b 1861
Robinson, William D. b 1879
Simmons, Walter M. b1921
Sirmans, Mary A. b 1871
Sittler, Conrad E. b 1941
Smith, Pinkie nee Norton b 1911
Snead, Arlo nee Futch b1910
Sutton, Eliza nee Sirmans b 1874
Sutton, George T. b 1903
Sutton, Irwin b. abt 1859
Sutton, Jerry E. b 1935
Sutton, Jerry W. b1848
Sutton, Joyce nee ? b 1942
Sutton, Louisa nee Webb b 1810
Sutton, Pheriba nee Mullis b 1828
Sutton, Moses G. Jr. b 1806
Sutton, T.H.T. b18xx
Sutton, Versacola nee Griner b 1914
Thompson, Freeman b 1850
Thompson, Lavina V. b 1855
Thompson, (Little)berry C. b 1822
Thompson, Feroby b 1802
Thompson, Mary nee Moseley b 1821
Thompson, Maxie nee Fountain b 1845
Thompson, Nancy nee Mosley b 1842
Thompson, Thomas b 1842
Watson (unnamed, d/o Sam W. ) b 1907
Watson Addie G. (nee Fountain) b 1898
Watson, Elizabeth (=Betsy, Betsey) nee Boykin b 1873
Watson, Isaac b 1847
Watson, James M. b1891
Watson, Joseph b 1841
Watson, Mark A. b1896
Watson, Martha nee Guthrie b abt 1872
Watson, Rachel P. nee Slaughter b 1822
Watson, Samuel W. b 1863
Watson, S.P. b 1877
Williamson, Marie nee Sutton b 1923

Connell Cemetery (Berrien County, Georgia)
Eastview Cemetery (Rockdale County, Georgia)
Empire Cemetery (Lanier County, Georgia)
Gaskins Cemetery (Berrien County, Georgia)
Griffin Cemetery (=Ten-mile Creek Cemetery, Berrien County, Georgia)
Guthrie Cemetery (Berrien County, Georgia)
Long Bridge Cemetery (=Pleasant Grove, Berrien County, Georgia)
Mount Paron Cemetery (Berrien County, Georgia)
Nashville City Cemetery (Berrien County, Georgia)
North Thompson Baptist Church Cemetery (Toombs County, Georgia)
Oaky Grove Cemetery (Berrien County, Georgia)
Philadelphia United Methodist Church (Rockdale County, Georgia)
Red Bluff Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery (Atkinson County, Georgia)
Vidalia City Cemetery (Toombs County, Georgia)
White Cemetery (Rockdale County, Georgia)
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