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PRE 1900
File Identification:Outlaw-427 Date Scanned: Source of Scanned Image:
Original Source of Image:various Digital Archiver:William H. Outlaw Jr. Image Restorer:
Original Image Size: Scan Resolution (dpi) (Reduced files=200 dpi): Exact Date of Original Image:as stated
Estimated Date of Original Image: Basis for Date Estimate: Unreduced File Size(px):
Location:as stated Background: Activity:
Unreduced File Size(MB): Reduced File Size (px):various Reduced File Size (KB):
Information with Photo:
Subjects:Batton, R.
Gray, Daniel
Gray, Joshua K.
Hand, J. A.
Luke, DJ
Luke, John
Outlaws, Benjamin
Outlaw, Buren P.
Patten, Irwin
Purvis, Emma
Robert(s), J.G.
Sirmons, Benjamin E.
Tucker, Frederick
Tucker, GW
Watson, Mark R.
Watson, Samuel W.
Watson, W.H.

Comments:Will continue to add to page, Working Document.

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