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File Identification:Outlaw-054 Date Scanned:photo Source of Scanned Image:W.H. Outlaw
Original Source of Image:W.H. Outlaw Digital Archiver:W.H. Outlaw Image Restorer:
Original Image Size: Scan Resolution (dpi) (Reduced files=200 dpi):300 Exact Date of Original Image:
Estimated Date of Original Image: Basis for Date Estimate: Unreduced File Size(px):2048 x 1536
Location:Nashville, Georgia Background:see comments Activity:
Unreduced File Size(MB):1.8 Reduced File Size (px):800 x 600 Reduced File Size (KB):198
Information with Photo:-
Subjects:George Griffin (son-in-law of Lena Belle Outlaw Rowan), William M. Outlaw (= Will Outlaw)
Comments:This is the original home of Lucius G. Outlaw (my grandfather, who died in 1918 at 45 years of age). (I spell his name here without the "o.") The house is constructed of logs and after Uncle Cornelius died, the heirs who inherited this property worked together to manage the farm. George Griffin and Bob Drake (another son-in-law) covered the house with slabs, making the logs invisible. It was essentially two rooms and a porch. Although it is roofed with galvanized metal now, I feel sure that it was originally shingled.

In my life this house has always been off the road and used as a storage building. Originally, it was located north of 168, just across from the J.C. and Lena nee Outlaw Rowan home (now owned by Aunt Lena's granddaughter, Sharon nee Griffin Dobbs.) The well for the old house is seen behind me in Outlaw-071. (Thanks to Helen and Patricia nee Rowan for helping me.)

My grandfather Lucius was married twice. His first wife, Delia Lewis (daughter of Steve Lewis and his wife, Polly nee Sutton) is said to have remarked late one afternoon: "Luscius, that rooster is crowing for me." She died that night. I am not sure whether that story has been handed down correctly, or whether it should have related that a hen was crowing like a rooster, which is a bad omen, suggesting imminent death in the family. . . . or it might have simply generic bad luck, as is predicted when a rooster goes to his roost crowing. A bit of searching the folklore reveals that roosters were wise old birds and had an amazing ability to predict almost anything. Her obituary posted elsewhere on SM indicates that Delia was ill for some time before she died.

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