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File Identification:Sutton-022 Date Scanned:Feb 16, 2008 Source of Scanned Image:Skeeter Parker & W.H. Outlaw Jr.
Original Source of Image:various Digital Archiver:Skeeter Parker & W.H. Outlaw Jr. Image Restorer:
Original Image Size: Scan Resolution (dpi) (Reduced files=200 dpi):200 Exact Date of Original Image:
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Location:Della Sutton's Farms, near Lenox, GA; Peterson's Gin (near Lenox, GA) Background:newspaper articles Activity:tragic deaths
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Subjects:Newton M. Sutton (Newt Sutton) (NOT Hugh Sutton)
Joe Ivey
Lewis K. Drawdy (= Lewis Drawdy) (NOT Dan D. Rawdy; NOT Dan Drawdy, but the son of Dan Drawdy)
Comments:I've lamented well irreconcilable differences among oral history sources and written history sources and between the two. So, on that topic, I will say no more now, after having simply noted the fact. I've also made the tough decision not to say all that I know since knowledge does not free one as is often claimed. . . . some things are left buried, even after so many years.

Uncle Newt killed his father-in-law (Main Image and Supplemental Image A). The essence of the oral history is that Mr. Ivey approached Uncle Newt; Uncle Newt was in his yard, which, common to the times, had a fence around it. Mr. Ivey was drunk, pulled out his knife and came into Uncle Newt's yard. Uncle Newt was afraid since Mr. Ivey had already knifed one man to death. Uncle Newt picked up a piece of wood and hit Mr. Ivey on the head once; the blow was fatal. Following this tragedy, the sheriff was summoned. Uncle Jerry (Newt's brother) had a reputation of being one not to cross and he sent the sheriff back to town, but did allow that the sheriff could talk to a Sutton out there, but couldn't arrest one. Then, the Iveys were at one end of the lane and the Suttons at the other, a volatile situation. The Suttons agreed to pay for Mr. Ivey's funeral, ending the standoff.

The tragedy of Mr. Ivey killing Mr. Drawdy is recorded in Supplemental Image B. The essence of the oral history is that Mr. Drawdy was the common-law husband of Mr. Ivey's sister. The origin of the trouble was Mr. Ivey's perception that Mr. Drawdy did not treat his sister well. Although this murder occurred before Daddy was born, apparently the story had been passed down regularly and Daddy told it as if he were there. As it had been passed down to Daddy, Mr. Drawdy made his wife set the table. After he ate all he wanted, the children were allowed to eat, then the dogs. Finally, his wife was allowed food. I emphasize that I can't vouch for the story, only that that was what Daddy was told and bias might be expected because Mr. Ivey was family. At least, I won't be hypocritical as I have left out stuff on/following the Ivey murder.

(As if this account would not be enough, Mr. Lewis K. Drawdy was only about seven when his father was an assassination victim: )

The Main Image was taken from the Atlanta Constitution, August 4, 1925, page 3.

Supplemental Image A is a typescript from the front page of the Adel News, August 7, 1925. Special thanks to Skeeter Parker for retrieving the article and for preparation of the typescript.

Supplemental B is a typescript from the Tifton Gazette, front page, November 16, 1900, and from the Atlanta Constitution, page 2, November 17, 1900. Special thanks to Skeeter Parker for retrieving the articles and for preparation of the typescript.

Last edit: 2008
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