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PRE 1900
File Identification:Sutton-004 Date Scanned:Summer 2006 Source of Scanned Image:W.H. Outlaw Jr.
Original Source of Image:Christine W. Outlaw Digital Archiver:W.H. Outlaw Jr. Image Restorer:
Original Image Size: Scan Resolution (dpi) (Reduced files=200 dpi):300 Exact Date of Original Image:
Estimated Date of Original Image:1896 Basis for Date Estimate:Granny Della, b. 1891, looks to be about 5 Unreduced File Size(px):892 x 1299
Location:unknown Background:studio Activity:pose
Unreduced File Size(MB):1.4 Reduced File Size (px):549 x 800 Reduced File Size (KB):138
Information with Photo:
Subjects:Back Row: Polly Hewitt (see note)
Other Row: Susan C. Sutton (= Susan M. Sutton (see Sutton-003), Susannah Sutton, Susie Sutton)
Jerry Sutton (infant)
Della Sutton (= Granny Della)
Jerry S. Sutton (= Jerry Sutton, Buck Sutton)
Belle Sutton
Fairiby M. Sutton (= Phoebe Sutton; on the print of this photo that I copied from the collection of Lena B. Rowan nee Outlaw in 1979, the name is spelling Pherbia)
Comments:The three smaller children are issue of Susie and Buck, my Ggrandparents. Fairiby (daughter of Blackstone & Mary nee Austin Mullis) is Buck's mother & Newton's widow, he being lost in the war at Staunton, VA. Newton's father Moses G. made it through the war.

As an interesting aside, the background in this image appears to be exactly like the one at:
which is of
Susan Ray Knight and children Rosa, Leila, E.M., John T., Alexander, Levi. She married Henry H. Knight on 2/27/1874.

In the 1880 FC, GMD 1148, Jeremiah Sutton (=Jerry S. Sutton) was enumerated with his mother and sister Sarah as occupying Dwelling No. 211. In that census, a Polly Huett, age 2, is enumerated with her parents, James and Harriett, in Dwelling No. 252. Possibly, this is the Polly Hewitt in the photo? Other information found: On Mar 29, 1929, Berrien Co. Marriage Index, a Pollie Hewette, married C.H. Winderweedle. Findagrave indicates that his spouse Dillian had died in 1926 and is buried at Beaver Dam (Ray City). In the 1940 FC, her name is Polly Windlemeedle, and her age is 34 (which, of course, doesn’t fit). More research might yield more, but not now.

Supplemental Image A is Newton Sutton's Confederate marker in Empire.

Supplemental Image B is another print of this same image. I found it in my parents' collection, too. Someone--apparently Daddy--had written names across the people; at least, Granny Della has "Mother" written across her, limiting the author to Daddy or Uncle Buren. On this photo, Polly Hewitt was mislabeled as Aunt Ellen. Interestingly, the appellation was "grandy," not "granny?"

In clearing the personal property from the estates of my parents and sister, I found the following note, probably written by Carolyn: "Granny Sue had been ailing + not feeling well. < para> She got up + went to the fireplace + fell over. < para> Sue a day or 2 before she died heard a voice say "Sue, Sue, Sue" and she thought it was Granny Pherbie [Fairiby, probably originally Phoebe] (her husband's mother). < para> The day she died Buck + Lucious got a horse named Moon Eyes + started to Empire to work at cemetery. Horse cut up so trying to run away, they came back or would have been gone when she died. Granny Pherbie had been dead about 3 months --she was a Mullis before she married Newton Sutton. He went to Confederate War + never returned." As an FYI, Granny Susie died in 1909 at 41 years of age; at this time Granny Della was 18 and Grandpa Lucious was 36.

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