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PRE 1900
File Identification:Nashville-009 Date Scanned:Fall, 2006 Source of Scanned Image:W.H. Outlaw Jr.
Original Source of Image:Gary M. Outlaw Digital Archiver:W.H. Outlaw Jr. Image Restorer:
Original Image Size: Scan Resolution (dpi) (Reduced files=200 dpi):300 Exact Date of Original Image:
Estimated Date of Original Image:1895 Basis for Date Estimate:age of females Unreduced File Size(px):2984 x 2408
Location:unknown Background:turpentine operation + mule and wagon Activity:pose
Unreduced File Size(MB):9.7 Reduced File Size (px):800 x 477 Reduced File Size (KB):145
Information with Photo:Supplemental Image A is the label on the back of the photo.
Subjects:Sarah Mury; Malissa Mury; Belle Mury; Mahalies Mury (from back of image)

Tom Powell (id by Gary Outlaw, 2018-05-28)
Comments:The 1900 FC enumerates John Murry, both of whose parents were born in Ireland. His household included his wife Sarah, whom he had married ~1870, his daughters Catherine M (age 24), Annie B (age 22) and Agnes M (age 21). They lived near Charles Powell, Fannie née Outlaw Powell's father-in-law, and probably this proximity explains how the image came into Joseph N. Outlaw's possession (Uncle Joe and Aunt Fannie were siblings). Robert H. Akins, who I think would be the Bob Akins who later owned property in lot 223, 10th land district, lived nearby. (As best I can imagine, he located his homeplace--now owned by Amelia née Akins Matthews--near the former homesite of my 3d greatgrandfather John Ellis Connell.) Another neighbor, Thomas J. Ham, was a child of 7 and was possibly the Tom Ham who in my childhood owned a home and small acreage on Hiway 168, just east of its split with Radio Station Road.

It appears that the Murray daughters were known by their middle names, and though it is not given, the man is undoubtedly John Murray.

In the 1880 FC, the John Murray family is enumerated near Martin B. Clyatt, Berry J. Connell, Jasper Connell, i.e., out in the area of the W.H. Outlaw Farm.

John Murray (1844-1924), Sarah Murray (1851-1929), Annabel Murray (1878-1960), and Catharine Mahala Murray (1873-1937) are buried in the Fletcher-McMillan Cemetery (northwest of Alapaha, on 129 just after it splits off 82). Thanks to Sue and Johnny Hancock.

Last edit: 2018-05-28
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