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File Identification:Norton-031 Date Scanned:2017-01-23 Source of Scanned Image:William H. Outlaw Jr.
Original Source of Image:Grace nee Norton McGarity Digital Archiver:Nedra N. Outlaw and William H. Outlaw Jr. Image Restorer:
Original Image Size: Scan Resolution (dpi) (Reduced files=200 dpi): Exact Date of Original Image:
Estimated Date of Original Image:1940 Basis for Date Estimate:would put Grace at 25 Unreduced File Size(px):783 x 1324
Location:unk Background:unk Activity:pose
Unreduced File Size(MB):144 Reduced File Size (px):489 x 830 Reduced File Size (KB):0.8
Information with Photo:
Subjects:Grace nee Norton McGarity
Comments:It appears is wearing the same dress that her mother is wearing in Norton-030, which was taken at a later time. Could it be that Grace gave her mother this dress?

mfr who efile Outlaw-031(composite)=4 addn photos similar to this one.

This information from Beverly nee Thompson Swanson: "Grace was glamorous and entered a room very much like a Hollywood Movie Starlet (Loretta Young!). She had a very Southern Accent. She was kind and liked the finer things in life. She gave me Silver Cream and Sugar and Tea Pot for my Wedding Gift. Always was she "GRACE-ful" and charming. She was pretty and seemed to get prettier as she got older. She and my Mother were the same age thereabouts and enjoyed the same and social parties. Her house reminded me of a Movie Star's house as I think she had the first KING SIZE bed in Rockdale County, and her Living Room was elegant in creams and white, very much like the furnishings used by Interior Decorators today! She was ahead of her time for sure. She had no children and treated me as though I was her child and I ate it up. Her husband James McGarity seemed to be older than Grace (a child's point of view only) and he was bald and tall and kind and a perfect gentleman. She lived on Railroad Street in the house that is closest to downtown olde town Conyers, just 2 doors down from the Whistle Stop restaurant existing today. The house is still there. Hope this helps some." Also from Bev: "She was my Mother's dear friend and I just loved her style and classy self! My Mother and Grace were each Presidents of the Ladies' VFW group and shared much in common and were in the same activities."

Last edit 2017-01-23.
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